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Mammoth Films was created to tell stories. Vulnerable, incredible, inspiring stories.

65 - The Will Turner Story

65 - The Documentary
Will Turner, a 65-year-old ultra-endurance athlete attempts a 914 mile ultra-triathlon in the Grand Tetons. Defying age and failure.


THANK YOU for helping fund part of this project. In 4 weeks we collectively raised over $30,000 to finish the sfilm and inspire thousands with Wills story. Fleming will be completed by the end of 2023 and we expect to begin a long and hefty film festival tour promoting this story in the spring of 2024. 

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Release Date: TBD

A film by: Mammoth Films

Directed by: Ryan Dugger, Creative Revolver

Produced by: Craig Braun, Mammoth Endurance

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The 500 Project

This 38 minute documentary follows the journey of Heidi Videto as she attempts to complete 500 miles of cycling at the Washington Island Ultra in 36 hours or less. 

This film is currently being assessed by film festivals around the country. Our release date is yet to be determined.

Release Date: TBD

A film by: Ryan Dugger
Executive Producer: Crai
g Braun

Presented by: Dakota Lithium


Mammoth Origins

We filmed this with the intention of being raw, real, and vulnerable. We wanted to visual share the emotion behind this business and tell the true story of why we're here and why we love what we're doing. This footage is all one take, no chopping up pieces, no take 2, no script - just heartfelt words. It was evening, I went for a hard 5 mile run while the "set" got put together. After about 35 minutes I stumbled back inside, clicked the light on and shared my story. 

I hope you understand the purpose for this video. It's not to draw attention to myself, but to detail the heart of why we do what we do. Everyones battling something, as I was. We're here for you, for people, not to put on races. The races are our excuse to get to know you and encourage you. To give someone a safe place to come fight, push their limits, find their breaking point and grow as an individual is the most rewarding thing in our lives. There's nothing else we would want to do. Thank you for trusting us and allowing us to play a small part in your life. Here's to hard times and the lessons they teach us. 


Release Date: October 12, 2021


A film by: Ryan Dugger

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