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Est. 2012


Craig, Maddie & Leo Braun

Founders and Owners (Tennessee)

I (Craig) am the proud owner of Mammoth. My caring wife, Maddie is the backbone of our family and keeps our ship afloat. Our son, Leo is the light to our world and keeps things fun and full throttle. We have an English Black Lab named Summit and we're grateful to call Chattanooga, TN our home. 

We love spending time together as a family being outdoors and trying new things. We're risk takers with busy schedules, full hearts and goals that reach far beyond our time here on earth. We fail together and we win together. We go left when everyone else is going right and we stick together no matter what happens in life. 

Mammoth is our opportunity to give back to a sport and community that has given our family so much. This sport has ripped me apart and brought me back to life... literally. You can listen to a snippet of my story here

We believe in helping people, hard work and being kind to each other. When you come to one of our races, our greatest hope is to build relationships, share stories, struggle together and grow together.


I've been in this endurance sports world since I was in diapers. I love it and we all work our tails off to make this thing roll. Thank you for supporting our dreams. See you out there.



Carri Marlow
Race Director (Wisconsin)

Carri has been with us since day 1. An Avid trail runner, bad ass mom and the busiest person you'll ever meet. Somehow she keeps it all together and is a heartbeat to all our events in Wisconsin. Carri's welcoming smile, take no shit attitude and ever constant drive to get better is something we cherish and love dearly. She'll do anything that needs to be done and put her own needs last to make sure everyone has the best race possible.


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Teri Smith
Director of Race Operations (Oregon)

Teri is the cornerstone of our Ultra Tri events around the country and brings a tremendous amount of ultra race experience to our team. Teri is a former pro adventure racer, a caring mother and has a keen ability to work harder than anyone I know while still maintaining a humble and caring spirit we've all come to love. Teri has our back and we have hers - Simply put, ultra triathlon in the United States wouldn't exist without Teri. 




Ryan Dugger
Photo / Video (Tennessee)

Ryan is my best friend and an incredibly talented visionary when it comes to storytelling through videography and photography. He's built a professional photo / video business from scratch and has gone on to win multiple awards at various film festivals featuring his work. We're blessed to have him in our corner as we continue to tell stories of those incredible athletes in our family who inspire us. Ryan's passion for people is second to none. This business wouldn't be the same without Ryan.


Drew Elrick
Graphic Design (Minnesota)

Drew and I sat in the back of our high school art class sketching up cars and patterns with our #2 pencils. He is an integral part of our look and has designed and thought up every logo we've ever used for anything. Drew is someone we go to when we need a logo and when I need some advice. He's wise beyond his years, an incredible artist and an incredible father / husband for his family. He's someone you can count on and I cherish that more than anything. Go find yourself a Drew if you don't have one.


Darby Fleming
Mammoth Podcast / Social Media (Virginia)

Darby is the newest member of our team and co-hosts the MAMMOTH Podcast as well as manages our social accounts. Darby brings a light-hearted spirit to the team while also having the ability to hammer out some serious work and grind when it's necessary. Her passion for helping people cannot be ignored and it's evident in her life everyday. She's driven, encouraging, and a ride or die kind of friend. Because of Darby, our podcast exists and our family will continue to grow.


Debbie Podjaski
Race Crew (Wisconsin)

Don't mess with Debbie, y'all. Deb has been a part of our crew from the start and has put in literally countless amounts of work to ensure this business thrives. She's given up her garage at times to help store race equipment, she's up early and stays late at the races. Debbie always makes us laugh and is someone that makes you smile when you think of her. Like all of our crew, she's 100% committed and 100% behind the mission of Mammoth and those who race with us. We love ya, EZ-D!


John Wall
Race Crew (Maryland)

John stays up all night, works until his hands fall off, never complains about a damn thing and will give you everything he has if it means you will be more comfortable or happier. He's an incredibly selfless and life-giving person and we're beyond grateful to have John on the team. If we're in a tight spot, we call John and without skipping a beat he jumps in and gets it done. John's been giving his time and energy to the ultra-tri races longer than anyone here. He's as real as they come and we love that about John. 


Emilie Hoeft
Race Crew (Wisconsin)

Emilie has worn a wide range of hats in our business over the years. From head of operations, to ambassador, to volunteer. Emilie has seen every angle of this business and is a critical part to the success of many of our events. She does whatever needs to be done to make sure the race goes on without issue. She's a dear friend of ours and the kind of friend I wish everyone could have in their life. She's a fun aunt, amazing baker, and someone we can count on for anything in life.


Greg Yonkoske
Race Crew (Virginia)

Greg is one those friends who will be there without asking why. He's often stuck at a main timing tent during the races and during his "breaks" you'll find him at a turnaround or walking the village to check on athletes. Greg loves being at the races and getting inspired by the athletes, but what he doesn't know is how much he inspires everyone on the team. He shows up, gets done whatever needs to be done, and brings a sense of hard work and honesty to our team that can never be replaced. 


Ione Olson
Race Crew (Wisconsin)

Ione is a wonderful friend and a wonderful person to be around. She's quiet, she's gritty and she's got more tattoos than anyone else on our team (which is a lot). Ione is someone we can count on and someone we call on often to work the long, difficult races. We all pull from her calm demeanor during hectic situations and look forward to her big bear hugs to kick off each race. We all love Ione and we're holding her hostage forever haha. 

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