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All these add-ons are 100% optional. We've added them to give you some choices to "enhance" the experience for yourself and even those who come to support you. 

Please note: Race add-ons should be selected during your race registration. In most cases we can add any of these after your registration is complete. However, they may not be guaranteed as availability can be limited. All desired add-ons must be added within 30 days of your race date.



A picture can say a thousand words. We hire one of the best endurance sports photographers to document and photograph each of our events. Most people in the world will never have the courage to toe one of our starting lines - your time racing with us needs to be captured and captured at an extremely high level. So that's what we do. 

This package will prioritize you to our photographer as he shoots and captures the race. You'll have a library of professional photos to look through following your race. Not only will you get all the high-res photos of you competing, but you'll also have access to the high-res "general race photos " folder that is put together following every race. Our photographer will capture you as you interact with your crew in the village, the swim, the bike, the run, your finish and the post race banquet. 

This is the add-on I most recommend to people. If you choose any of them, choose this one - you will be happy you did!

Below is a gallery of some examples of the photos taken during one of our races (these are all low-res for online).


When you finish an ANVIL, you have the right to take our ANVIL Finishers hammer and smash the heck out of the Mammoth Endurance ANVIL. One hit for the single, two for the double, three for the triple and so on. Finishers of the ANVIL have been doing this since 1985 and it's a right of passage into the ANVIL finishers family. Once an ANVIL finisher, always an ANVIL finisher.

This add-on gives you the opportunity to purchase a finishers hammer and use it to Smack the ANVIL upon finishing. You also get to keep this same hammer and use it as a memento to your incredible accomplishment. The hammer has the ANVIL logo engraved in the metal head of the hammer as well as the words "ANVIL ULTRA TRIATHLON" engraved in the wooden handle. 

It's a unique award and something you can display in your home proudly.

P.s. After the photos, this is the second most recommended add-on. They are awesome!


During registration, you'll have the option to add on additional event shirts for you or your friends / family / support crew. Our shirts are a blended T-shirt with the ANVIL logo on the front left chest and the race date, countries represented and a thoughtful design on the back. They are great to wear for a workout or a casual night with friends. You may add-on as many event shirts as you'd like. 

All finishers are awarded with a long sleeve finishers shirt at the Awards Banquet. You have the option to purchase an additional finishers long sleeve if you'd like. These can only be bought for yourself - not for crew or friends / family. 

We are extremely spoiled at these races when it comes to the food that we get to eat throughout the duration of the event. We provide athletes, their crew and volunteers home cooked breakfast, lunch, dinner and a late night snack each day of the race. We also cook a pre-race pasta dinner and have a professionally catered lunch at our awards banquet. Athletes will always eat for free, but we do have the option for you to add on food tickets for your crew if they also would like to eat.


We offer 18 tent spaces for each ANVIL race and these are sold on a first come first serve basis. The space consists of a 10x10 shelter with one 8ft table and 2 folding chairs. These are typically held for those athletes who are traveling from out of state or out of country but we do offer them to anyone who can not get a shelter to the race site. 

For more information on how the race village setup works please reference any of our anvil race pages and check out the "Village" section of that webpage. 

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