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This page is meant to be a resource for you to seek answers / share experiences and help uplift your fellow athlete in their journey. We offer all this for free in hopes that you take advantage of what we can offer and continue along the path you're on - building yourself up by breaking yourself down. Getting stronger, gaining confidence and finding a better version of yourself. 

There's only one rule at Mammoth, Don't Quit.
So keep hammering, we've got your back.



All of our Mammoth certified coaches are experienced in their field and professional in their practices. You may contact any coach by clicking the contact button next to their profile. These coaches are our friends, we know them, we trust them and we know they'll help you achieve what you've set out to do. 



Wade Kammel is a former United States Marine who graduated with a B.S. in Nutrition and Dietetics from Texas Christian University and is currently a Registered Dietitian. He also holds certifications as a USAT Level 1 Coach and is a 200 hour Registered Yoga Teacher. Wade competed in his first triathlon in 2015 and has been competing ever since. Wade was fortunate enough to start from the beginning with a coach and knows the value of having someone to guide and encourage you through the entire experience. 


Wade has competed in many races from a sprint to a Double 140.6 Triathlon race. During the 2022 season, Wade finished 2nd at the IUTA Double World Championships in Oregon and qualified for the Ironman World Championships in Kona for 2023. Wade knows first-hand the life changing experience endurance racing can be and has a passion to share this with others. 

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Will did his first triathlon over 25 years ago, and he’s been hooked ever since. His passion for the sport and his love for helping others achieve their big goals led him to becoming a USAT-certified coach in 2012. 


Will specializes in working with athletes who want to take on big challenges and realize bold dreams. In fact, when he did his first Ironman in 2009, his favorite quote was “If your goal doesn’t scare you, it’s not big enough.” To this day, he still uses that quote as a litmus test for pushing himself to new and bigger challenges. 


Will has gone on to complete over 135 iron-distance races including 105 in two years, breaking the world record in the process. In 2015, he did his first Double Anvil and has since competed in all the Anvil races multiple times over different distances. According to Will, “Stepping up to the Anvil races was life-changing for me. So, helping others tackle such a big milestone is something that I absolutely love. As a coach, I know exactly what they are facing, and I can guide them each step of the way. In the ultra-distances, it’s much more than executing the right training plan. The mental component often becomes the critical piece of the equation and that’s where I can help my athletes the most. To me, that’s the exciting part, because that’s where the real transformation takes place.” 

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As a lifetime athlete coming from a soccer and running background, Coach Jennifer Comfort started her

own multi-sport endurance journey in 2005 on a leisure bicycle borrowed from her parents' garage.

Jennifer went on to become an elite sponsored age group triathlete and further evolved into a

knowledgeable and inspiring USAT Certified Coach. Her mission is to guide others in finding their own

purpose and joy.

Her diverse group of coached athletes participate in varied formats including Ultra-distance Triathlons,

Ironmans, Half Ironmans, Olympic and Sprint Triathlons, Ultra Running, Marathons and Half Marathons,

10ks and 5ks, Swimruns, Ice Mile and Marathon Swims, Gravel racing, Cyclocross, Mountain Bike,

Soccer, Cross Country, and Track. From world championship qualifications, podium finishes, state

championships, and college scholarships, Jennifer is a mentor that is passionate about her

athletes' physical and mental wellbeing.


She also holds a Masters degree in International Relations, speaks Spanish, and is a lover of all things

outdoors including trail running, scuba diving, paddle boarding, snowshoeing, and skiing.

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Coach Maria Simone is the founder and head coach for No Limits Endurance Coaching. She is an enthusiastic ambassador for endurance sport, which has revolutionized her life, teaching her to fear less and live more. She loves the competition and camaraderie that the endurance sport community provides.


Coach Maria takes a holistic approach to training that considers physical athletic ability, history and goals, mental fitness training, nutritional habits, and life-work-training balance. Maria coaches athletes of all levels – from beginners who are learning to swim, bike and run effectively, to elite competitive athletes. In all cases, she teaches her athletes that they must believe before they achieve. She helps her athletes develop short and long terms goals that emphasize process over outcome. 

She has extensive experience as an athlete and a coach in ultra-triathlon and ultra-running. She is a two-time champion of the Florida Double Anvil, and has competed at the top of her age group in Ironman-distance races, qualifying and racing at Ironman World Championships (Kona). She’s raced multiple 100 mile races, and the Tahoe 200. She is an avid ultra-runner and adventure-seeker, residing in Colorado, with her husband, two dogs who relish every moment in the mountains, and the most independent-minded cat that has ever lived.

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William is the owner of CorioVelo: a multi-sport coaching and consulting company dedicated to training athletes in cycling, triathlon, Ironman, ultracycling, recumbent cycling and ultra endurance. We help individuals achieve their ideal level of fitness, resulting in optimum performance.

At Corio Velo, we work with the athlete who has been working toward an athletic goal. We Analyze your current fitness levels and workouts, and then we refine them to meet your goals.


We work with other fitness professionals. The fitness and exercise world is too broad for any one individual to have expertise in every training technique. For Example, if you work with a personal trainer for your strength training, we work alongside this individual to meet your specific objectives. This gives our athletes a broader spectrum. and sometimes a better option and opinion for their physicality.

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Faebook Groups



This group is free for anyone to join who is interested in triathlon and ultra triathlon. We share ideas, training tips, ask questions and encourage one another. There are no requirements to join - but we do not allow anyone to promote or sell a product on this group. 


You'll find members who are just getting into triathlon, experienced long distance triathletes, and world record holders. There's no judgements here, we're here to support one another and lift each other up. If you're looking for a sense of community or just want to see what some like-minded people are up to, consider joining and introduce yourself to the group. 

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