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It's been a long, difficult road to get to where we are now. As odd as it may sound, Mammoth was born from a difficult time in our lives. I've been racing my entire life. I've also been organizing races and hanging off the back of pickup trucks setting run courses since I was in middle school. Racing is in my blood. I love it and I love the people who do it. 

In 2017 I found myself in deep state of isolated depression struggling with self worth, addictions and suicide. My wife, a few good friends and ultra racing saved my life, literally. Mammoth is my way of giving back to the community that has given me so much. Putting on these events keeps me moving forward. I do love racing ultras myself, but nothing compares to the feeling I get watching someone cross the finish line knowing we created that opportunity. 

Maddie and I have a shared passion for just helping people. We love getting to know people and building meaningful relationships. These races have been a massive blessing to our family and we will forever work our tails off to make sure you have the opportunity to race and grow.

If you have any questions at all or ever want to just talk to the guy behind the business. Call, text or email. I'd love to chat!

C: 423 633 4441  /  E:

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