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Race Date: Thursday June 6 - Saturday June 8

Location: Henry Hagg Lake. Gaston, OR

Athlete Cap: 175

Ultra Categories: Triathlon, Aquavelo, Duathlon, Swim, Bike, Run

 - Solo or Teams of up to 8



The goal of this event is to log as many complete triathlons, duathlons, or single laps (for run, swim or bike only events) in the allotted time. You may choose to race as a solo athlete or as a team of up to 8 athletes. Choose from an 8 hour, 12 hour, 24 hour or 36 hour race. You and or your team will be given a "pit area" inside the Village where you setup camp for the duration of the event. This is where you sleep, eat, store your gear, etc.. - your home away from home. You are not required to change disciplines in between each leg of the event. For example, you may bike 10 laps in a row, then swim 5 and then run 8. You can complete laps of any discipline in any order. Teams are not required to change athletes after each leg. For example, team member A can run 5 loops in a row, then bike 3 before handing off to team member B.


** All 36 hour athletes MUST start on the bike and complete at least one loop at the start of the event.

** The swim course is closed from 6:00pm - 7:00am. No swimming at night!

Whomever logs the most completed triathlons, 
duathlons, or single laps (for run, swim or bike only events) in the allotted time, wins the race. 

Triathlon Scoring Example:
  1. Bart has completed 10 swims, 8 bikes and 8 runs in 36 hours. His final score would be 8 completed triathlons + a swim. 

  2. Sara has completed 12 swim, 11 bikes, and 10 runs. Her final score would be 10 completed triathlons + a swim and a bike. 

  3. Lucas has completed 8 swims, 15 bikes and 15 runs. His final score would be 8 completed triathlons. 

Duathlon Scoring Example:

  1. Tanya has completed 20 runs and 9 bikes. Her final score would be 9 completed duathlons + a run.

  2. Jerry has completed 24 runs and 12 bikes. His final score would be 12 completed duathlons.

  3. Jack has completed 31 runs and 16 bikes. His final score would be 16 completed duathlons + a run and a bike. 

Single Event Scoring Example:

  1. (BIKE) Bill has completed 32 bike loops. His final score would be 32 bikes.

  2. (RUN) Megan has completed 21 swims. Her final score would be 21 swims. 

  3. (SWIM) Jamie has completed 18 runs. Her final score would be 18 runs.

Please feel free to reach out to us if you're new to the event and have questions on the format / setup or anything at all. It's a very unique and different kind of racing,  one that requires a lot of planning and strategy. We're happy to help answer any and all questions you may have. 



  2:00pm - 7:00pm | Pit area is open for setup / packet pickup at Boat Ramp C - South Lot

  8:00pm - 8:30pm | 36hr athlete meeting inside race village (MANDATORY)

  9:45pm | Call to start

  9:55pm | Cyclists enter start corral for countdown to 10pm
  10:00pm | 36 hour RACE START



  7:00am | Swim course open

  6:30am - 8:30am | Pit area is open for setup / packet pickup at Boat Ramp C - South Lot

  7:30am | Breakfast is served inside the race village

  8:45am - 9:15am | 24 / 12 / 8 hour athlete meeting inside race village (MANDATORY)

  9:45am | Call to start

  9:58pm | Athletes enter start corral for countdown to 10am

  10:00am | 24 / 12 / 8 hour RACE START

  1:00pm | Lunch is served inside the race village

  4:00pm | Live local music begins inside the race village

  6:00pm | Swim Course Closes

  6:00pm | Dinner is served inside the race village

  6:00pm | 8hr race is finished

  7:00pm | Night hours begin (lights must be worn on the bike and run)

  8:00pm | Live local music ends inside the village

  10:00pm | 12 hours race is finished

  11:59pm | Pizza is served inside the race village


  6:00am | Coffee / Tea is served inside the race village

  7:00am | Swim course opens

  7:00am | Night hours end (lights may be removed on the bike and run)

  9:00am - 10:00am | Power Hour / Final hour of racing

  10:00am | 24 / 36 hour race is finished

  12:00pm (noon) | All gear and equipment must be removed from Hagg Lake



1. NIGHT HOURS - Lights are Required!
Lights are required on the run and bike between the hours of 7:00pm and 7:00am. On the run, a headlamp or handheld flashlight must be worn at all times. On the bike, a white headlight AND a red rear light are required at all times. We do have a place where you can charge your batteries during the day to make sure your gear will last through the night.

PRO TIP: For 10 seconds, on the run course, when you've verified there are no vehicles or other runners around, turn off your headlamp - look up - and be blown away by arguably one of the best views of the stars you'll ever see. On a clear night, it's an absolutely breathtaking sight. Then - turn your damn light back and never do it again... ;)

2. SWIM COURSE - 0.25 mile open water swim

Swim Caps are required at all times when swimming. We ask that you try to wear a bright colored cap so you can be visible in the water. Wetsuits are allowed, swim buoys are allowed. The water temperature ranges from 62 - 68 degrees. You will exit the water after each swim lap to give our timer your number - then, you may re-enter the water for another loop or move on to a different discipline. A kayaker or paddle boarder with a floatation device will be present at all times when athletes are in the water. 


3. BIKE COURSE - 10.68 mile single loop bike course

Helmets are required at all times while on the bike. Roads are OPEN and you must obey all traffic laws while on course. “Just like a training ride” is the mindset while on the route. It is the riders responsibility to know and understand the bike route. We do have glowing cones and reflective signs placed along the route during the entirety of the event.

 Please ride with caution. It is HIGHLY recommended you practice some night riding before making your way up to the event. All 36 Hour athletes are REQUIRED to begin and complete one loop of the bike course to begin the event. White headlights and red blinking taillights are required during the night hours. 


4. RUN COURSE - 1.3 mile loop (half trail / half road)

The run is a combination of paved roads and non-technical trail running alongside the lake. The run course is absolutely beautiful and is a nice break from pounding the pavement for 36, 24, 12 or 8 hours. The course is well marked and illuminated at night using glow sticks and battery operated lights. You can not get lost on this course. 


4. THE RACE VILLAGE - where it all happens

The village is the race headquarters - it's where all the things are happening. You will rack your bike here, transition between disciplines or team mates, grab your home made food, listen to music, shop rad merchandise and more. Each team and solo athlete is allowed a 10x10 space to pop up a tent and support their team or athlete (pink area in diagram). Each solo athlete or team is also allowed a space in  the camping area to pop open a sleeping tent and have a designated place to catch some rest. Most solo athletes and teams do bring a pop up tent as a place to kick up their feet and still be right in the middle of the action. 

Please note - race parking is nearby and you will be able to walk your gear to the race site.

* Charging stations will be setup inside the village to charge phones, lights, etc... 




Craig Braun
Owner / Race Director

E -

C - 423 633 4441


Teri Smith
Race Director

E -

C - 503 515 3022

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