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The Mammoth Podcast is a series of conversations with those people who find themselves in the never ending pursuit of self-realization. 

We share raw and unfiltered conversations with folks about the peaks and valleys of their life and invite you to be a fly on the wall. Learn from the mistakes and successes of our guests. Take what you want for yourself and keep re-creating a better version of you. 



Your hosts, Craig Braun & Darby Fleming

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Chapter 4 - Lori Lyn Hicks


Lori Lyn Hicks is not someone you'd expect to see at the start line of a 703 mile long ultra triathlon. At one point she found herself in a doctors office being told there's a a very high chance she may never walk again. 


If someone tells you you can't, show them you can.


Chapter 3 - Michael Hicks


Michael Hicks was the last person you would expect to see toeing the line of an ultra triathlon, Ironman, or any endurance event for that matter. An open conversation about a his battle with Alcoholism and how he's broken free from its grip to find a better life.


You'll be uplifted by Michaels story and positive attitude towards a hard  life.


Chapter 2 - Wade Kammel


Wade is a former United States Marine who has found community and meaning through triathlon and pushing his limits. Although pushing the limit can sometimes lead us into a dark space, there's always meaning in the struggles.


This is a conversation that goes into the depths of what it means to claw oneself out of a dark place to find fresh air and build a life around vulnerability and hard, honest work.

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Chapter 1 - Will Turner


Enjoy our conversation with Will Turner, a previous world record holder who completed 105 Ironmans in two years. We talk about setting goals, failing forward, becoming an athlete and leaning into who you were meant to be. 

We're currently working on a  documentary about Will and his story - you can watch the movie trailer at our Mammoth Films page. 

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