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The race starts and finishes at the Greenbush Trailhead.
All four loops begin and end at the trailhead.

GPS Race Address:
N5854 Kettle Moraine Dr. Glenbeulah, WI 53023



Racing overnight means you need to be prepared for cooler temperatures in the evenings. The average daily high on race weekend is 51 degrees, with an average low of 33 degrees. Perfect fall running weather but cold enough to require warm tops and bottoms. Remember, we will have hot drinks like tea, coffee and cider available next to the bonfire. 

Recommended Gear
All runners are required to carry a white light with them wile on the course. You will receive a runners guide 7 - 14 days before the event. Inside this guide will be a gear or packing list to help you gear up and get ready for race weekend..

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*Shop in person or online at
Performance Running Outfitters
for any gear you may need!



The Reaper village is simply where everything happens. This is a large open space where you and your team / crew "camp" for the night. It's also where the main trailhead is located and where you'll check in when you arrive. You'll find food trucks, craft beer, live music, a bonfire, bathrooms and even an indoor shelter to shop race merchandise and check results as the race is happening. 

The village also plays host to the "game" portion of the event. Things like a beer chug contest, 3 legged race, bean bag tournament and other fun carnival type games to help your team earn additional points.

There's ample parking available at the Greenbush trailhead right next to the Reaper Village. We do ask that you please carpool with your team if possible to save space. The road back to the event is a long paved road with many twists and turns. Follow the event signs and please drive slowly. 


The event is held inside the Kettle Moraine State Forest. Therefore, all vehicles entering the park must either have an annual WI State Park sticker visible on the front windshield, or, you may purchase a discounted day pass for $5 while registering. Please note, if you're carpooling with your team, only one pass would be required. You may also purchase an annual pass before hand on the WI DNR Website

Each team and solo runner is given an area inside the Reaper Village to setup for the night. Solo runners and teams of 2 and 3 are given a 10x15 space. Teams of 4, 5 and 6 are given a 10x20 space. The designated spaces are designed to fit one sleeping tent and one 10x10 pop up tent. 

It get's very dark at night camping in the woods. Please bring some sort of battery powered lighting for your pop up tent to help illuminate your area inside the village. Lights for your space are not provided. Generators or grills of any sort are not allowed inside the village. Two charging stations will be available to power up phones and lights. 

Food Trucks & Beer
We're very excited about having local food and craft beer vendors available inside the Reaper Village. Please plan on brining some snacks for you and your team but we kindly ask you to support the local food and beer trucks by purchasing items from them. Each participant 21 years or older has one free craft beer included in their registration. 

A full menu list of all from our food and beer vendors will be available 7 - 14 days before the event. 

Confirmed Food & Beer Vendors
   - Hubbleton Brewing Co.
local craft beer

   - 3 Sweets Bakery & Cafe
coffee, tea, smoothies, breakfast foods and sandwhiches 

HBC Linear.png

We're excited to have live music at this years event inside the Reaper Village. We're finalizing details but we can guarantee either a 3 piece blues / jazz rock band or a 2 piece acoustic set by local artists. We're aiming to have the band play a 3 hour set with PA music being played during the breaks. 

We will make an announcement online and post band details here ASAP. 

Bathrooms / Trash
Portable restrooms will be available for you inside the Reaper Village. All teams or solo runners will be given a trash bag upon checking in. We will also have trash and recycle bins throughout the Village. Please respect the park and make sure all your trash is sorted and disposed of correctly. 

Camping equipment or cardboard boxes can not be left or thrown away at the event. Everything you bring into the village must be taken out with you. 


The goal of this event is to earn as many points as possible. Teams earn points by completing loops on the run course, winning games inside the village and participating in pre race challenges starting two weeks before the race.

Solo runners are scored based solely on miles completed - points can be earned but do not help with finishing placement. Solo runners who complete 60 miles or more earn a Reaper Buckle along with a finishers medal. 

Completing Run Loops
One runner at a time is allowed on the course at all times. We have 3 loops that will be open at all times, each varying in distance, difficulty and point value. The Joker Mile will be open at random hours during the night for a total of 5 hours. Running the joker mile gives you the chance to earn double points.

PURPLE LOOP - 5.1 Miles long  |  292ft of climbing  |  12 point value
The longest and most scenic loop of the group, but definitely not the most challenging. Two big climbs get you going followed by 3.5 miles of fast running. There's one good climbs at the end of the route to keep you honest but at 12 points, it's worth the time and the small effort at the end. You'll run alongside the lake and at one point have water on both side of the trail before meeting up with the other loops and heading back into the village. 

GREEN LOOP - 4.0 Miles long  |  371ft of climbing  |  11 point value
This loop is by far the most difficult loop we offer. There's a lot of up and a lot of down. The trail itself is not technical, but the hills will keep you honest. A few big climbs in the first half mile will warm you up. Then, the final 1.5 miles will kick your butt with two big climbs right before you get back to the village and claim your points. You'll have to work at it, but the point value matches the effort. 

RED LOOP - 2.1 Miles long  |  217ft of climbing  |  4 point value
This is the shortest and least technical loop of the race. The trail is wide with minimal trip hazards along the route. The majority of the climbing for this loop happens in the first half mile. Get through that and you're golden. It's a great chance to hammer out a fast loop and get some points. 

JOKER MILE - 1.2 Miles long  |  223ft of climbing  |  ? point value
This out and back course is on extremely technical single track with lots of rocks, roots and hazards in the way. There's also a fair amount of climbing, only adding to the challenge. You'll receive a playing card half way through each lap you complete which determines the point value of your loop. Suits do not matter, only the card face or value. 
  - Cards 2 through 10 are worth half their face value
  - Jack = 6 points
  - Queen = 7 points
  - King = 8 points
  - Ace = 9 points
  - Joker = 10 points

Winning Games/ Challenges
The Reaper Village plays host to a large variety of tournament, games and challenges for you to participate in and earn additional points while another team member is running. We'll have things like 3 legged races, minute to win-it games, beer chug contest, hot potato, flip cup, etc... 

All games are free of charge and will be going on all race long. We highly encourage participation in all the games / tournaments. Not only does it give you the opportunity to earn additional points but also makes the experience so much more fun. Let loose a little bit, it's all for a good cause!

A complete list of games and tournaments will be available 7 - 14 days before the event. 

Pre Race
There's a strategy to this whole race... We're not giving away any clues for this one but. I would highly recommend you follow our instagram account here and keep an eye on your email leading up to the event.

             < click here to find us on Instagram


A final schedule of events will be emailed to you 7 - 14 days before the event and will also be available online in the runner guide

4:30pm - Reaper Village / Packet Pickup is OPEN
6:00pm - RACE STARTS
8:00pm - Live Music in the Village
4:00am - Coffee Truck opens
8:00am - RACE ENDS
10:00am - Village must be clear


We're so lucky to have a bounty of beautiful trail networks in our backyard. Mammoth is committed to keeping these trails clean and accessible for future use. We understand the impact events have on trail  systems, the parks and the communities around them and take extra measure to ensure the impact from any of our events are minimal. Below are some things you can expect to find at the event.

Recycling Cans. Please make sure things like gels and other nutrition wrappers make their way into the recycle bins. These cans are all marked and scattered throughout the Reaper Village. 

Cupless Event. All our events are cup-less. This means we will not have paper cups at any aid station or water fill up stations. Each runner is responsible to bring his or her own reusable cup and reusable /hydration bottle. Our beer vendor will have cups available to serve beer, but we ask you to label and re-use your beer cup. 

Carpooling. We recommend carpooling with friends or with your team on race day. Not only does it save in gas and emissions, but also makes the day more fun and enjoyable. Traveling with friends is always better than traveling alone. 

OCTOBER 29 & 30

Greenbush Trailhead, Wisconsin
6:00pm start

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The Reaper is a 14 hour overnight trail running event on Halloween Weekend. You can race as a solo runner or a team of 2, 4 and 6 runners. The goal of this event is to earn points by completing loops on the course and winning games in the Reaper Village. There are 3 different courses to choose from, each varying in length (1.2 miles - 5.1 miles), difficulty and point value. We also throw in a joker lane that is open only for a few hours during the race but gives you the opportunity to earn some serious points. When you hear the joker over the PA, it's game on and the joker lane is open. Your team can also earn points Inside the Reaper Village by placing top 3 in one of our many games being played. Using a knock out tournament format, we have 3 legged races, sack races, hot potato, beer chug, bags tournament, flip cup, runway costume contest, karaoke contest and other carnival type games throughout the Village. 

Along with running and games, you'll find live music, a bonfire, food trucks, local craft beer and official Reaper merchandise inside the Village. Each team is given an area inside the village to setup a 10x10 or 10x20 tent / pit area. This is where you'll keep all your gear for the night, catch some sleep and just hangout with your buddies. Make sure you bring some battery powered lights to illuminate and decorate your tent area. We're in the woods, it gets dark! The Village is completely lit up all night long and the courses are heavily marked with glowing markers and extra lights in the more technical areas of the course. 





We come alongside individuals, providing educational support and treatment options. Please don't think our mission is limited to just people who run. This is much bigger than that. Running is not the focus; but rather the people we can impact. Our focus is to bring light to the real struggles and challenges that are associated with mental health.

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