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Craig Braun | Race Director

The Washington Island Ultra is one of those events that just resonates with the soul. The drive north, through Door County is one of my favorites. It's a beautiful drive & I know what's waiting for me at the tip of the state. Arriving to Northport, driving onto the ferry ...you enter into a whole new world. I can't explain it, but something changes in your heart. It's relaxing, it's exciting, it's the realization that this is happening and holy sh*t you're racing an ultra triathlon on an Island.

The people of this event make it what it is. The butter smooth roads, crystal clear water, and star packed night skies are all just extra cherries on top. Of all the events I've ever raced or directed, there's just something special about this place and I hope everyone who wishes to experience Washington Island does get the chance to do so.


I look forward to serving you on race week and can't wait to watch y'all find your limit, and then go a few more miles.
See you on the Island, 

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Due to the popularity of this race, beginning after the 2021 event, we'll be adopting a lottery system along with a priority registration for any athlete who has raced the event in the previous three years.

Priority Registration
All athletes who have completed on the island in the three previous years of the event will receive a reserved registration link to the email that was used during registration. This link will be sent out on the third Thursday of August and will remain active for one week, or, until we hit 140 registered athletes. If you have raced in the last three years and lost your registration link, please click here.

40 lottery spots are selected each year to allow new athletes the chance to race on this beautiful Island. In order to enter the race lottery, we require a $10 donation be made to the park and rec department of Washnigton Island. Your entires never expire, and you're allowed to enter your name in the lottery year after year. If you've entered the lottery three times, then there are three tickets in the drawing with your name on it. If you've only entered the lottery once, there is one ticket with your name on it. Lottery selections will be made on September 1st and those who have been selected will recieve a reserved registration link in their inbox and text message by 10am EST on 9/1. If selected, you have 72 hours to claim your spot. If you do not claim your spot within the 72 hours, you forfiet your position in the lottery and all tickets are removed. If you are wishing to create a team, and your name is selected, you are allowed to invite up to 4 additional team members to register and join the event. Upon accepting your invitatoin, any lottery tickets held by that team member will be removed from the lottery pool. We will continue to make lottery selections every three days until the 40 lottery positions are full. Charity Entry We reserve 5 spots each year for anyone who would like a guaranteed entry into the Island by raising $1,000.00 for the Washington Island Parks and Recreation department. It's been a goal of this event to help uplift and support the beautiful recreation areas on Washington Island. We've fallen in love with this place, and we're excited about helping imporve and maintain the many parks on this island for thousands of visitors to enjoy each year. You may claim a charity entry by emaling us here. Training Camp Entry We reserve 15 spots each year for anyone who has joined us at either our Spring or Fall Mammoth Training Camp. All athletes are given the option to claim a entry into the Island. For information on our Spring camp, that takes place on Washington Island, WI - click here. For information on our Winter Camp, that takes place in Chattanooga, TN - click here.


Race Dates
July 29 - 31, 2021
July 28 - 30, 2022
July 27 - 29, 2023

Race Location
Gislason Beach
1474 S. Shore Dr.
Washington Island, WI 54246

Car Ferry
For ferry schedule / rates, please click here.

36hr Start | Thursday @ 10:00pm CST - Saturday @10:00am CST.
24hr Start | Friday @ 10:00am CST- Saturday @10:00am CST.
12hr Start | Friday @ 10:00am CST- Friday @10:00pm CST. 8hr Start | Friday @ 10:00am CST- Friday @6:00pm CST.

Triathlon, Duathlon, Run, Swim.

Solo, Teams of up to 8.
*Teams of 4 or more are required to volunteer for 2 hours during the event.
*Teams of 8 or more are required to volunteer for 4 hours during the event.


The ultimate goal of the event is to complete the most complete triathlons, duathlons or single discipline legs as possible in the alloted time choosen.

Single discipline athletes, such as an ultra cycling or ultra swimming athlete must try to complete as many loops as possible. The winner is simply the indivudual / team who has completed the most laps during the rae.

Duathlon, participants have the goal of completing as many full duathlons (run - bike - run) as possible. If a team or individual has completed 10 runs and 5 bikes, they finish with 5 complete duathlons. If a team or individual has completed 9 runs and 5 bikes, they finish with 4 complete duathlons + a run and a bike. If a team or individual has completed 10 runs and 4 bikes, they finish with 4 complete duathlons + a run.
Triathlon, participants have the goal of completing as many full triathlons (swim - bike - run) as possible. If a team or individual has completed 10 swims 10 bikes and 10 runs, they finish with 10 complete triathlons. If a team or individual has completed 10 swims, 10 bikes and 9 run, they finish with 9 complete triathlons + a swim and a bike. If a team or individual has completed 8 swims, 10 bikes and 9 runs, they finish with 8 complete triathlons - none of the additinal bikes and runs count since scoring is done in the order a triathlon is completed.

36hr participants are required to start the event by completing one guided lap on the bike. 24hr / 12hr / 8hr participnats may start on either. the swim, bike or run. You are allowed to repeat disciplines as many times as you'd like before moving on to another discipline. For example, you may complete 15 swims in a row before moving onto the run or bike.
SOLO ATHLETES are allowed to have crew and support during the race. Crew is allowed to stay in your campsite, but we do not make more space available based on the amount of crew you have coming along. We will have a space at the transition area for you to place bottles / fuel so you won't have to go back to your tent lap after lap to refuel. Your crew is allowed to provide supprt inside the fenced in transition area lap after lap. You are allowed a pacer on the run and bike. If a pacer is accompanying you, they must check in at the timing tent and are requried have a wristband on before entering the course.

TEAMS will have only one team member on course at a time. Upon completion of a team members lap, another team member may begin. Completion of lap happens when that team member reaches the triple cone in the transition area and yells your team number to our timer. You do not share a bib number, but rather all team members will have their own wristband with your team number on it - making transition fast and easy. Teams can privde support to their team memebrs inside the transition area, but may not utilize the solo tables for storing extra bottles / fuel.

For any questionos, please reach out to Craig - craig@mammothendurance.com


36hr / 24hr Solo Athletes
- Washington Island Ultra embroidered backpack
- Mammoth Endurance water bottle
- Athlete Long Sleeve shirt
- $20 merchandise credit
- Hand assembled finishers medal
- An incredibly awesome race

36hr / 24hr Team Athletes
- Washington Island Ultra drawstring bag
- Mammoth Endurance water bottle
- Athlete Long Sleeve shirt
- $15 merchandise credit
- Hand assembled finishers medal - An incredibly awesome race

8hr / 12hr Solo Athletes
- Mammoth Endurance water bottle
- Athlete Long Sleeve shirt
- $15 merchandise credit
- Hand assembled finishers medal - An incredibly awesome race

8hr / 12hr Team Athletes
- Mammoth Endurance water bottle
- Athlete Long Sleeve shirt
- $5 merchandise credit
- Hand assembled finishers medal
- An incredibly awesome race


In the winter of 2013, I myself in deep pit of anxiety and depression - a slump if you will. I was desperate to crawl my way out of this funk and get back on track with training and life. So, I went looking for a place to reset, be quiet and reasess my life, my goals, my everything. I hadn't been to Door County but it seemed like a place that was pretty quiet, especially in the winter seasons, so I packed a bag and headed as north as I could. Little did I know I'd have to get on a car ferry to an island... When I arrived, I went for a beer, grabbed some food and stumbled into a gentleman name Herb (he called himself Gibson). He told me he owned a West Harbor Resort and I needed a place to stay so it sounded good to me. I don't know if Herb remembers stumbling into me, but that night changede my life forever as he sat up with me and chatted away like old friends. I woke up the next morning, drove sarund the Island for a bit and headed home. Easy as that - I was out of my funk, thanks to Herb. The following year, My wife and had a weekend away from our son, Leo Gibson Braun (catch that middle name?), so we headed to the Island since I talked to mich abouot it. We decided to skip the car and rented some bikes on once we goot off the ferry. We rode around, found more lovely people on called this place home and cruised along butter smooth roads to places like Schoolhouse Beach, Island Cafe, Red Cup, Albatross, Gislasons, Sand Dunes and so many more wonderfull places. We caught the last ferry back and it was then I decided, I need to be a part of this place - I need to bring a race here. Our first year was 2015. We had a whopping 30ish people racing. It was a treasured first year and one we'll never forget. The second year, we had 150, the third 200 and it's been set at 200 participants ever since. The


Our Village is located at Gislason Beach and is a large grass area where we setup camp for a few days. There is a beautiful view of the water and a large red barn area for shelter in case we experience weather. We have a designated sleeping tent area, and a designated pop up / hangout area in the village. The sleeping area is located near the rear of the village. We ask to please respect both areas and use the sleeping area to sleep, and change clothes only. During the night, please do not sit and talk and be loud in the sleeping area. Rows are marked, please cram in your tents tightly to the next tent to make sure we have room for everyone. It's a tight fit but it works :).

Our pop up tent area is located right up by the race action. Each solo team and teams of 3 are allowed a 10x10 space for a pop up tent. Teams of 4+ are allowed a 10x15 pop up space. Rows are marked, please pop up your tent right next to one another to allow for room for everyone to have their tent. Tent walls are Ok, no generators, no fires of any kind please - propane camp stoves are Ok.

Bike racks are made available for everyone to store their bikes. Choose any spot on the racks. Bike racks are located right in front of timing so there's always somone keeping an eye on them! Portable bathrooms are assigned. Please only use the bathroom assigned to you or your team. A hand washing station and hand sanitizer is also available in the bathroom area.

Taco Dinner and 2am Pizza are served inside the Red Barn. Make sure you have your food ticket with you before you come up to grab your grub!

Charging stations are available throughout the village. One is located just outside the red barn, one is located in the timing tent and another is locvated at Emerys bike supprt tent.

The Island store is located up front and has nutrition for sale, merchandise and other things you may find usefull like lights, batteries, etc... We only accept cash at the store as service and internet is difficult to find on the island.


Night Hours are from 7:00pm (or sunset) until 7:00am (or sunrise). Race officials will give you an hours notice prior the night hours going into affect. It is mandatory that all athletes have a bright white light on the front of their bike as well as a blinking red light on the rear. Runners must wear a headlight while on the run course. You will not be allowed to leave the transition area or continue on without the proper lighting once we have entered into the night hours of the race. We will have extra lights and batteries available for purchase.
SWIM COURSE | 0.25 mile open water swim Bright colored swim caps are required at all times when swimming. Wetsuits are allowed but not necessary. Since coming to the Island, the water temperature ranges from 65 - 68 degrees. You will exit the water after each swim and run up the beach into transition. You will give your number to our timer and cross back into the "swim in" area if you plan on completing another loop. A kayaker or paddle boarder with a floatation device and radio will be present at all times when athletes are in the water.

The course is clearly marked with three buoys. You'll be swimming in a clockwise 0.24 mile loop. The swim course is closed from 6:00pm - 7:00am. (download swim course) BIKE COURSE | 10.04 mile loop around the island Helmets are required at all times while on the bike. Roads are OPEN and you must obey all traffic laws while on course. It is the riders responsibility to know and understand the bike route. We will have glowing cones and reflective signs placed on the route during the entirety of the event.

There are a few rolling hills as you pass by the lavender fields on the north side of the route. Please ride with caution - it is recommended you practice some night time bike riding before you make your way up to race this event.

White headlights and a red blinking tail light are required during the night hours. (download bike course) RUN COURSE | 2 mile out and back along the shoreline The run route takes you along the shores of Lake Michigan and along Sand Dunes Park. The run is on paved roads and has sections of shade, but also some sections of exposure. Please remember that roads are open and we ask you to use caution while out on course. Please wear bright clothes while on the run, especially during night hours.

Headlamps or handheld lights are required during the night hours! Shhh.. make sure you turn off your light for at least a few seconds while running at night - the stars are incredible out on the course! After you do that for a few short seconds, TURN YOUR LIGHT BACK ON :). (download run course)


THURSDAY SOE 1:00pm - 7:30pm | Camp setup is open at Gislason Beach. 8:45pm - 9:15pm | 36 hour race athlete meeting in transition. 9:50pm | 36 hour athlete lineup. (Bikes only) 10:00pm | 36 hour START. FRIDAY SOE 7:30am - 8:50am | Camp setup is open at Gislason Beach. 8:50am - 9:15am | 24/12/8 hour race athlete meeting in transition. 10:00am | 24/12/8 hour START. 5:00pm | Taco dinner is served in the Red Barn. 6:00pm | Swim course closes. 6:00pm | 8 hour race is finished. 7:00pm | Night hours begin. (lights must be worn on the bike/run) 9:00pm | Quiet hours begin inside camp area. 10:00pm | 12 hour race is finished. SATURDAY SOE 2:00am | Pizza is served inside the Red Barn 5:30am | Quiet hours end. 7:00am | Swim course opens. 7:00am | Night hours end. (lights may be removed from bike/run) 9:00am - 10:00am | Power hour (final hour of racing) 10:00am | 36/24 hour race is finished. 10:30am | Medal presentation / finisher photos. 11:00am | See you next year! 12:00pm | Camp site and all gear must be removed from Gislason.
** please note that overnight camping is not allowed at Gislason Beach before or after the event. There is a wonderfull campground (washington island campground) just down the road. Please click th elink above to book and enjoy your stay at the campground. They are wonderful people and do a fantasatic job! Plus they have showers!


In order for you to get to the race site, you will need to take a 30min ferry ride from the tip of Door County, to Detriot Harbor on Washington Island. If you've never riden the Ferry before, please read the details below to learn how it works and be prepared.

Washington Island Ferry
1. Please allow for an extra hour to. wait in line at the ferry. We've found there to be longer lines during the summer season as the Island can be a popular place for visitors. Expect to wait in line!

2. Once you are near the front of the line, you may exit your car and walk to the small ticket building right at the front of the docks. Pay for your ticket with cash or card. You can find pries here. Make sure you keep BOTH TICKETS as one of them is your ride to the island, and the other your ride off the island.

3. Once its your turn to drive onto the ferry, you will be directed by the crew on where to park. They squeeze cars in tight, so if you feel uncofmrtable parking on the boat, the crew will park youor vehicle for you. Once you're parked, turn on your parking break and turn off your vehicle. You may stay inside your car, or head up to the deck on the top of the ferry and enjoy the ride. It can be wavy, sometimes really wavy - all part of the experience ;)
4. Upon arriving, remove your parking break and exit the ferry. Follow the signs for Gislason Beach and you're adventure is underway!

For additional details and a ferry scheudle - please visit https://wisferry.com


Our race director andf many of th crew are certified in CPR, lifeguarding and have been through general first aid classes. This is an ultra endurance event on an island, please use your brain and dn't be an idiot while competing. Push your limits, but know when your body is telling you no more.

We do have access to a wonderful island clinic in the case of an emergency. In the case of a serious emergency you will be air lifted off the Island and taken to Sturgeon Bay.

We do have basic medical supplies at the timing tent.


2021 Athlete Guide



Hand Made Medals

As someone who races ultras myself, and understand the amount of time, money, and work that gets put in to complete an ultra event, It seemed silly to have some random person design your medal, only for it then to be made in China for a few bucks... So, we changed that.

In 2020, we began designing, cutting, painting and assembling all finisher medals by hand. We spend hours gluing the tiny pieces together and coming up with the coolest design we can. I'll be honest, it's a bit more work than we thought it was going to be, but in the end, when all the medals are together and we get to hand you a bad ass, hand made finishers medal that actually means something, it's so worth it.

You put in the hours training, you should be rewarded with something unique made by people behind the event.


carefully selected gear that goes the extra mile

Mammoth Black T.png
Mammoth Black Hoodie.png
Screen Shot 2020-10-31 at 11.05.20 AM.pn
Screen Shot 2020-10-31 at 11.06.00 AM.pn
Screen Shot 2020-10-31 at 11.04.44 AM.pn


Our signature potato tacos!

2 soft shell potato & chickpea tacos

Drink (water, soda, juice)

Pickle & choice of chips

Fresh fruit salad

*Tacos are made vegan, gluten free tortillas

are available upon request. Please let us know

of any food allergies during registration.


Image by Chad Montano

Taco Time

"After a long day, or two, these tacos hit. the. spot."


"I've never had potato tacos, but I'm a fan now! Ordering double for next year"


"I race for the tacos"


Image by Danielle MacInnes


Image by Don B





Screen Shot 2020-10-07 at 4.23.04 PM.png
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