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The Braun Family

Founders and Owners | Tennessee


I (Craig) have been around event production since I was a baby, sitting on a beach as my dad produced Jet-ski races around the country. At age 13 I was hanging off the back of trailers setting cones on run courses in the freezing Wisconsin winters. I grew up racing motocross, karts, BMX, and did my first Ironman a few months after I turned 18. Racing and competition is in my blood. I love it.

I've been blessed with a beautiful, supportive family who stands behind me in my work and life. This business would not be what it is without the unwavering support of my wife, Maddie. Our son, Leo is just the coolest little dude and keeps things full throttle. We have an English Black Lab named Summit and call East Tennessee home.

We love spending time together as a family being outdoors and trying new things. We're risk takers with busy schedules, full hearts and goals that reach far beyond our time here on earth. We fail together and we win together. We go left when everyone else is going right and we stick together no matter what happens in life. 

Mammoth is our opportunity to give back to a sport and community that has given our family so much. This sport has ripped me apart and brought me back to life... literally. You can listen to a snippet of that story here

We believe in helping people, hard work and being kind to each other. When you come to one of our races, our greatest hope is to build relationships, share stories, struggle together and grow together. 


I love the work we do and we all work our tails off to make this thing roll. Thank you for supporting our dreams.

See you out there.


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Teri Smith (middle)

Director of Race Operations | Oregon

Teri is the cornerstone of all our events around the country and brings a tremendous amount of ultra race experience to our team. Teri is a former pro adventure racer, a caring mother and has a keen ability to work harder than anyone I know while still maintaining a humble and caring spirit we've all come to love. Teri has our back and we have hers - Simply put, ultra triathlon in the United States wouldn't exist without Teri. 



Ryan Dugger from Bandera Studios

Creative Director | Tennessee

Ryan is my best friend and an incredibly talented visionary. He is the brains behind our "look" here at Mammoth. Every photo or video you see comes from his desk. He's an award winning photographer and filmmaker and his work has been seen by thousands in various print and online publications. We're lucky to have him in our corner as we continue to tell stories through our films and photo. His passion for people and his commitment to his work is second to none. This business wouldn't be where it is without the creative direction we receive from Ryan and his team.

FLAnvilComplete-80 copy.jpg

John Wall

Equipment Manager | Maryland

John stays up all night, works until his hands fall off, never complains about a thing and will give you everything he has if it means you will be more comfortable or happier. He's an incredibly selfless and life-giving person. If we're in a tight spot, we call John and without skipping a beat he jumps in and gets done whatever needs to get done. John's been giving his time and energy to the ultra-tri races longer than anyone here. He's as real as they come, a trustworthy friend and reliable co-worker. He knows how to work hard and have fun at the same time - we love that about John.


Greg Yonkoske (left)

Timing and Scoring | Florida

Greg is one those friends who will be there without asking why. He's often stuck at a main timing tent during the races and during his "breaks" you'll find him at a turnaround or walking the village to check on athletes. Greg loves being at the races and getting inspired by the athletes, but what he doesn't know is how much he inspires everyone on the team. He shows up, gets done whatever needs to be done, and brings a sense of hard work and honesty to our team that can never be replaced. A special Thank You to Greg for all his years and sacrifice while serving our country in the United States Navy.


Drew Elrick (right)

Graphic Design | Minnesota

Drew and I sat in the back of our high school art class sketching up cars and patterns with our #2 pencils. He is an integral part of our look and has designed and thought up every logo we've ever used for anything. Drew is someone we go to when we need a logo, banner, artwork for print, or just when I need some advice in life and business. He's wise beyond his years, an incredible artist and an committed father & husband for his family. He's someone you can count on and I cherish that more than anything. Go find yourself a Drew if you don't have one.

Mammoth Race Crew

Our Race Crew is made of selfless individuals who work late, sleep when they can and put their own needs last. They work hard, setup the event, work during the event, tear everything down and do it while facing all weather conditions, night and day. This job is not for the faint of heart. You must be willing to face challenges, stay positive and work together to solve problems on the fly. Our team of Race Crew personnel is one of the best in the business. We always have opening for crew. Reach out for more info and hang on tight - it's a wild ride crewing one of our races.


Ione Olson | Wisconsin


Josh Bradford | Tennessee


Dave Cruthers | Oregon


Emilie Hoeft | Wisconsin


Thomas & Angie Gerber | Oregon


Andrew Braun | Tennessee


Samantha Dusek | Oregon


Gary Fleming | Virginia


Debbie Podjaski | Wisconsin

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